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The tool chain to the defined goal

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is a fundamental part of the project planning.At the beginning, information is collected and transferred in reasonable statements on which the further project planning will be based. Representation and experience are additional essential pillars.


After collecting the meaningful statements, they have to be validated. Models must be designed which must hold out the defined frame conditions based on statements of the data analysis.

Information Technologies

Distribution and representation of the results have to be shipped by modern and accurate technology standards. The interfaces have to be adopted for the recipient, independent if it is a machine or a person in its workspace.

Process Control

The designed and implemented mechanism has to be controlled in a safe and productive state over time.

IT Courses

Professional IT Courses



Python Programming

From modelling and simulation directly to process observation

PLC/CNC Programming

Robot CodeSys programming

C++ Programming

C++ with focus on science and engineering



  • 2007-2012

    The Humble Beginnings

    Studies in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering with focus on robotics, automation and simulation

  • March 2012

    Working expierience in Automotive

    Employee of an Engineering agency. Attendance in developing projects in the automotive area (drive shafts, car lock systems)

  • July 2014

    Employee at an industry robot manufacturer

    During this period, T. Severin was instructed to program gantry robots, applications and simulations for the logistics area.

  • September 2017

    Step to the self-employment

    A new agency is born.

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Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Severin

Programming, simulation and process control

Freelancer, Bochum


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